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warmly recommended

Breath taking panoramic view to Andrist sites like Simmen Valley,  Mt. Andrist etc.  from Mt. Niesen  Confused about Switzerland? Let us explain!

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Many Andrists generously left contemporan pictures or pictures of ancestors to publish here. 
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The best way to meet individually might be through the e-mail addresses left with above link. If you want to share your thoughts more publicly the Guestbook is the place you might consider.
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An alternative way to contact fellow Andrists is Facebook. There was an Andrist Group set up a while ago.  

Berne, Minnesota is a place where Andrists homesteaded. Their descendants bring Swiss heritage back to life almost every year in August. See
+ 2010 Swissfest, MN, USA

 If you would like your fest or your Andrist family reunion being visible here, please leave a message with the Guestbook
+ 2003 Family reunion, MN, US

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Andristara is a City in Honduras. This name might mean Andrist city (Debby Andrist, Spanish professor). Does anybody have more details on this place, like city history, name provenance etc.? In case, a message with the Guestbook will be most welcome.

+ Andristara

+       Andy Andrist, the comedian
+      Joos Andrist, sports goods
+  Edi Andrist, art and creative ideas
+         Mary Koch & John E. Andrist
+    John & Becki Andrist, broadcasting and telecommunication
+   Art and costumes for films and tv advertisement
+      Audrey Andrist & James Stern, Nathan Williams
+ The Journal      Steven J. Andrist,  John Andrist

Swiss discovery: SwissRoots.Org a great site for all who care about their Swiss heritage 

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