Andrist Family Trees

This is the starting point to all actually available trees regarding the Andrist name. The links are by current place of living (as an indication) and by Swiss place of origin

If you would like to complete the trees with information on your family we recommend the following form: Family Group Form. Please forward the form to Jill (Andrist) Miller. She will assist you if there any problems in filling in the form. Your help in completing the Andrist trees would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a descendant of Andrists from  / living in ...:
Swiss place of origin (inherited citizenship):
Sponsor / remarks:
from Aeschi bei Spiez
Aeschi bei Spiez Willi Andrist, records haven been gathered from church books but not yet transcribed into data base or web pages.
ancestors mainly from OH > MN > ND > Canada > MO:
ancestors of David Andrist-Zeller, born 5 May 1782 (more than 1700 lines)
Boltigen Jill (Andrist) Miller, updated also by Stacey Andrist, Daniel Andrist, Alan Andrist, Douglas Andrist, and many more
the Canadian extract of above tree
Boltigen Provided by Greg Andrist, links to above David Andrist-Zeller tree.
from Boltigen, descendants of 
Andrist David & Ana
Boltigen Provided by Patrick Andrist, Lausanne, Switzerland.
emigrated to > Argentina
Därstetten & Oberwil Willi Andrist, some records available. More to be transcribed.
David Andrist-Spring, born 13 Sep 1807
Erlenbach im Simmental Emigrated to the USA. No link found to contemporan Andrist's living in the USA so far. Information provided by Willi Andrist.
The Netherlands:
Kwartierstaat van Anje van TIL
Erlenbach im Simmental Andrists listed back to 1690. By J. Mulderij & D.J. Scholte in't Hoff, Markelo, The Netherland.
from Erlenbach:
Andrist Jakob
Erlenbach im Simmental Provided by Willi Andrist, Greifensee, Switzerland
emigrated to > France & USA & Canada:
Jacob Andrist, born 1510
Oberwil im Simmental This is the first Andrist known for Oberwil im Simmental. The records for Jakob Andrist-Cadonau and Salomon Andrist-Egger also tie into. This file has been provided by Albert Andrist (Swiss records), Robbin Andrist (records back to 1510), Jean Andrist (French records)
from Oberwil > USA: KS, CO:
Jakob Andrist-Cadonau (more than 200 lines)
Oberwil im Simmental Christian (Chrétien) Andrist (brother to Jakob who emigrated to USA) went to France where still some Andrist families reside.

They lived in Grodey/Bifang area in the town of St. Stephan before they left for USA but were originally from Oberwil im Simmental.

emigrated to > Canada:
Salomon Andrist-Egger, born 1784
Oberwil im Simmental Provided by Albert Andrist-Aeschlimann, Utzigen, Switzerland.This Salomon ties into above Jacob Andrist, born 1510.
William Andrew(s) Andrist-Burri, born 1890, Lafayette, Arkansas
Puzzles (page by David Stratton )
Georg Andrist-Kirchert, Germany
Puzzles (by Gerhard and Ramona Andrist, Germany)
Some Andrists emigrated to Palatinate, Germany after 30 years war. It's not know wether this tree is related to them.
Other Andrist puzzles Puzzles  
Passports for emigration issued to Andrists not yet linked to the existing Andrist trees Passports by Willi Andrist, Greifensee, Switzerland

Make sure you understand the system of Swiss citizenship / place of origin: Swiss inherit the right of citizenship of their father. Therefore Swiss always know where they originally came from. For family researches in Switzerland, it's therefore important to know what place of origin (which is not necessarely the place of birth or hometown) the emigrants came from. Usually only at this place one will find the civil records and the church records of the ancestors.

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