Andrist Pictures

Contemporary Andrist family members and pictures of their ancestors will be shown.

If you have any pictures you would like to make available, please scan them and send them in JPG format to . Please add name and family tree of the persons shown on the picture. If there is no scanner available ask for help. Pictures marked by * have been added since last Andrist Newsletter.

Contemporary pictures of MN families
Contemporary pictures of KS families
Other contemporary pictures
Old pictures of MN families
Old pictures of KS families
Old pictures of Andrist of France *
Source of pictures / courtesy

Contemporary pictures on MN families (Boltigen, Switzerland descendants)

(all names left to right)

Willi Andrist, Ralph Andrist, his daughter Jill and her husband Dick Miller 1

Andrist Boys Joe, Ron, Otto jr., Arlegh, sons of Otto of Pine Island, 2
Andrist Boys Joe, Ron, Otto jr., Arlegh, Ken, all five sons of Otto of Pine Island, MN 8

Tamara visiting J and D Andrist in San Diego
D and J Andrist on Star of India, San Diego

James Stern and Audrey Andrist performing artists at Grand Opening Gala of Lodi Concert Hall (April 19, 1998) 7
Audrey Andrist, Shirley (her mother), visited by Willi and Tamara at Lodi Concert Hall 7
Audrey Andrist signing the piano (which has been signed by many other famous artists before)
James Stern and Audrey Andrist visited by Willi and Tamara 7

Lloyd Andrist, Estevan, Canada, 76th birthday (father of above Audrey, Rebecca, Robert and husband of above Shirley) 7
Rebecca Andrist, her brother Robert and his friend Nathalie, Estevan, Canada 7

Contemporary pictures on KS families and descendants (Oberwil / Stephan, Switzerland descendants)

Gerrie and Bill Andrist, St. Francis, KS (and Andrist car license plate)
Gerrie and Bill Andrist home, St. Francis, KS
Willi Andrist visiting Wilma (Andrist) Crum, St. Francis, KS
Kandise and Patrick Andrist-Muhr, Denver, CO

Other Contemporary  

Heidrich-Andrist, Vancover, Canada 13
A bunch of pictures gathered from the web


Old pictures on MN families in black and white (Boltigen, Switzerland descendants)

Manuel Andrist and family: 3

Fred Andrist, one of the first immigrants and his sons: 4

Emmanuel Andrist in his state militia uniform, he is probably in his mid-twenties 10 *
Emmanuel Andrists family 10 *

Uncle of Sam, one of the first immigrants, wifes name unknown 4

Sam Ellson's Uncle's wife, name unknown 4

"Belles of Berne (MN)", the siblings Magaret Emily Cooper-Andrist & Bertha_Andrist (Margret made these dresses and stenciled the collars and cuffs) 4

Margaret_Andrist 4
Barbara & Jacob_Andrist-Buser 5
Homestead of Jacob and Barbara 12 (We're just guessing. Does sombody know this cabin / picture ?) *
The Journal of Crosby, ND, USA and its staff in 1928 and 1947 9

Adolph Andrist Sr and family 1960 15 

Adolph Andrist Sr and family 1920 15


Old pictures on KS families in black and white (Oberwil/St. Stephan, Switzerland descendants)

Christian_Henry_Jacob_Andrist 6
Christian_Henry_Jacob_Andrist_(2) 6
Jacob_Andrist 6
Jacob Andrist, born 1854 14
Ursula Cadonau, his wife  14


Old pictures on Andrist of France (Oberwil, Switzerland descendants) *

Francine Le Braz 11
Jean Andrist 1 11
Jean Andrist 2 11
Jean Andrist 3 11
Jean Andrist 4 11
Jean Andrist 5 11
Jean Andrist 6 11
Jean F. Andrist 11
Jean F. Andrist 2 11
Louise (Romain) Andrist 11
Marie A Carrière 11

Source / courtesy of
 1 Dick and Jill Miller, Natick, MA, USA
 2 Helen Schoenrock late, Kasson, MN, USA, scanned and edited by Jill Miller
 3 Stacey Andrist, Kasson, MN, USA, scanned and edited by Jill Miller
 4 Samuel Ellson, Kasson, MN, USA, some scanned and edited by Jill Miller
 5 Ralph Andrist, Cape Cod, MA, USA 
 6 Wilma & Fred Crum, St. Francis, KS, USA
 7 Shirley Andrist, Estevan, Canada
 8 Barbara Andrist, Kent, Washingon, USA
 9 John M. and Steve Andrist, Crosby, ND, USA
10 Pam Schultz
11 Claude Echard, Switzerland
12 Charles Joseph Michael Hendrickson the son of Elma Andrist, USA 
13 Erika Heidrich-Andrist, Canada
14 Debra D. Andrist, TX, USA
15 Travis and Danna Andrist, Prescott, AZ, USA

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