Die Ortschaften des Freistaates Bern

Les lieux de la République de Berne / The places of the Republic of Berne


The three books are a very helpful tool for researchers in Canton of Berne area, Switzerland. Unfortunately access to the original books "Ortschaften des Freistaates Bern" is restricted in major Swiss libraries due to the age of the books. Beside the current project, there is no microfilm or other copy known.

Books on CD-ROM

This CD shows all pages scanned from all three of the books "Ortschaften des Freistaates Bern". Scanning of the books has been done by Swiss National Library, Photo Services Division on my request (and payment).

Each of the books is about 400 pages. The scanned pages are in b/w TIFF format, compressed with a current CCITT format. The pictures can be viewed using a TIFF-format image viewer.

For people more generally interested in having a copy of the books on CD, I can offer it for about Swiss Francs 30.- (which covers a small contribution to my costs, includes packaging and shipping within Switzerland).

The Library and I agreed to not make it available on a commercial basis. I therefore will have to apply this restriction to further owners of a copy.

Transcription into Web format (htm):

My plans are to create value add from this initial CD, by making

a) it publicly available (through the internet)
b) it readable from within a standard Internet Browsers (by converting the tiff files into pdf format)
c) a better overview (by transcribing tables of content, adding new tables where not available, i.e. for book 2)
d) the pages fast accessible by linking tables of contents to the pages.
e)  it searchable by search engines (by transcribing most important content, may be together with other volunteers).

All pictures scanned from the original pages haven been compiled into .PDF format, which makes them readable using standard internet browsers. They still are pictures and therefore need to be transcribed in order to make them searchable by names of the places. Transcription is currently volunteered by

Volunteer Book District Pages Status of transcription
Edwin Bigler 1 Aarberg onwards 1 onwards not yet confirmed
Joan Zuber 1 Delémont all Delémont completed (exp. p 84)
Ed Baughman 1 Konolfingen 137-156 completed
1 Laupen 157-163 completed
1 Moutier in progress
Will Andrist all - tables of contents in progress

Volunteers are very welcome. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. 


Contact:  william.f  at  andrist  dot  com

Edited by , Will Andrist     February 2007